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Jacky Vincent. 23. Lead Guitarist for Falling In Reverse. Born and bred in London.
I'm a string plucker. That's all, mate.
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I really am grateful for what I have. 
My boy and Ronald are all that I need. I love you both very, very much. 


Christmas in London with my love was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Fucking brilliant. I love you, Ron. 

Also, it seems as though my little guy will be coming back to LA to live with Ronnie and I for a little while until Jessica moves her things and settles. This holiday season really was great, so grateful for everything I have.

Perfect family, perfect everything.


I’m starving hungry. 
Ronald, get me something to eat, love? 



Good. Get your ass in here. Bring the cat.

Okay, okay. I’ll bring our baby.